Future Projects

Cosmetology Building

  District: Riverside Community College District
  College/Center: Riverside City College
  Project Name: Cosmetology Building
  Project Type: New Construction
  Occupy Date: 2019/2020

Project Description: This project proposes to construct a 23,878 assignable square foot Cosmetology building on the south side of the campus. This new buildings location was selected during the master planning process and was affirmed when the board approved the new educational and facilities master plan in 2008. The spaces for this project include 20,445 of Cosmetology lab space, 2,212 asf of office space and 1,221 asf of meeting room and staff lounge space. A secondary effect of this project will include the demolition of the current Cosmetology building.
In 2008, the Board of Trustees approved a new educational and facilities master plan for Riverside City College. That plan identified a new Cosmetology building as a Priority 1 project. This project will construct the spaces outlined in the master plan for the projected enrollments in the Cosmetology program in 2024.

Life Science/Physical Science Remodel

  District: Riverside Community College District
  College/Center: Riverside City College
  Project Name: Life Science/Physical Science   Reconstruction
  Project Type: Reconstruction
  Occupy Date: 2019/2020

Project Description: This project proposes to   reconstruct the Physical Science and Life Science buildings into an Interdisciplinary complex that can accommodate program growth in many different disciplines. The Physical Science and Life Science buildings are now vacant since the Nursing/Science building is online. The campus is predicted to have a dismal 50%.

Capacity/Load ratio in the lab category in 2014 and many programs have outgrown their current facilities. The entire business program will be relocated and the Business Education building will be repurposed.
Riverside City College recently completed an Educational and Facilities Master Plan. This Plan, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in early 2008, provided a comprehensive analysis of each academic discipline through 2024. Projected program growth, combined with the fact that the Life Science and Physical Science buildings will soon be vacant, set the platform for a multidisciplinary complex that will allow for growth in many different programs. In addition, the Master Plan calls for providing students with better access to Student Services. By relocating the Business program, the Business Education building can be renovated into a `One Stop Shop` in the future.​


  Project Facts:
  36,745 GSF/23878 ASF
  2014/2016 State Bond
  HMC Architects

The new two-story building will provide an enhanced learning environment for the growing enrollment in the cosmetology program.  The new space will have 20,445 sf lab and 2,212 sf of office space to support the program.

  Project Facts:
  57,321 GSF/38,000 ASF
  2014/2016 State Bond
  HMC Architects

Located in the campus core, this project modernizes the vacant buildings to allow for growth in the Business and Information Systems programs. In addition to reconfiguring teaching and learning spaces, the project will update the building antiquated infrastructure systems providing a quality-learning environment.