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We want to hear from you! If you have a question, concern, comment, issue, or feedback, please contact us. Thanks for contributing to the student government at RCC with your comments!
Associated Students of Riverside City College
Student Government Building 100
4800 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA 92506
951-222-8000 ext.4043

Office of Student Activities

Please call (951) 222.8570

Angela Lee

Student Services
(951) 222-8570

Angela can be seen in Student Services working with the Dean.  She may be involved with student discipline case, thus the unhappiness, or helping with the Riverside City College Diversity Committee to research information. She also works as a co-chair with the Student Access and Support Leadership Council, working with the Student Activities, coordinating with the student employees, and helping out Stefanie or Jillian. 

Deborah Hall

Coordinator, Student Activities
(951) 222-8570

Deborah is one of the Student Activities Coordinators who advises the various ASRCC groups.  She coordinates the many events on campus, helps students develop their leadership skills, and strives to help students make the most of their college experiences.  If you want to get involved on campus, come by her office or feel free to give her a call or email. 

Douglas Graham

Coordinator, Student Activities
(951) 222-8570

I am Faculty member and one the Coordinators of Student Activities here at Riverside City College. I am responsible for the quality and direction of the Student Activities Program.  I provide leadership in co-curricular programs, activities and organizations; provide opportunities for student involvement, leadership and participation in Riverside City College activities: teach courses in guidance and other instructional areas offered by the College.  ​