Dean of Student Services - Student Activities & Staff

Student Services – Dean’s Office

The office of Student Services serves the mission of the college by providing support, leadership, guidance and resources to students, faculty and staff responsible for the delivery of services at Riverside City College.

The mission of the Student Services department is to professionally and proactively dedicate ourselves to provide a student centered environment that will enhance student achievement.

The purpose of our department is based on the foundation of student centeredness. It is our primary objective to facilitate the support services that students need to become successful.

VP and Dean are located at Kane Building, 201

Student Activities

Student Activities provides high quality experiences that compliments and enhances the unlimited opportunities for student involvement, leadership, and personal exploration while promoting a college environment that is respectful, safe, inclusive, and collegial. 

Student Activities staff work collaboratively to advance student learning and facilitate personal growth through programs, services, resources, activities and facilities for each student.

We encourage you to become familiar with, and access, our services.

Student Activities is located at Bradshaw 207  

Monday through Thursday 9am – 2pm (951) 222-8816


Mary Renteria, Assistant to the Dean (951) 222-8153


Student Activities Clerk

Colleen McGurn
(951) 222-8570/222-8816​​

General Student Activities number is (951) 222-8570


The Student Activities Clerk supports the Dean and Faculty Coordinators for ASRCC, handles free speech, and general ASRCC Vendors on campus and is located in the Bradshaw Building.

Megan Bottoms, M.Ed.
Assistant Professor /Coordinator, Student Activities 

Deborah Hall, Ed.D
Coordinator, Student Activities
(951) 222-8572

Deborah Hall is one of the Student Activities Coordinators who advises the various ASRCC groups.  She coordinates the many events on campus, helps students develop their leadership skills, and strives to help students make the most of their college experiences.  If you want to get involved on campus, come by her office or feel free to give her a call or email.  Dr. Hall is located in the Bradshaw Building.​