Downloadable Forms

Review the list below for forms available

ASRCC Budget 2017-18 

 Attached you will find line item numbers and budgeted items for this fiscal year.

ASRCC Budget Packet 2018-19

For Clubs and Organizations to request a budget line from ASRCC.

DUE March 16, 2018 for FY 2018-2019. Late submissions will not be accepted.

ASRCC Advisors Guide

All members of co-curricular organizations and other clubs shall be active members of the ASRCCD. All clubs are governed by the Student Government and shall obey all City College Rules and resolutions enacted by the Student Government, including any requirement to send representatives to executive bodies. Co-Curricular organizations are those clubs that, in addition to extra-curricular activities, offer college credit to participants. Co-Curricular organizations shall submit a list of their members each semester to the Student Activities office. Clubs must charter each Academic Year and shall be chartered automatically once their Constitutions are approved by the Senate. To amend their Constitutions, clubs must submit for approval, proposed changes to Student Activities office and await approval from Senate. Unchartered clubs shall not receive any funds from the Association.

ASRCC Event Planning Worksheet

A great worksheet to aid in event planning.

ASRCC Student Government Application :



Are you good with money? What about organizing events? Taking notes? Designing? Boost up your resume and be a strong transfer candidate by applying to ASRCC! The following positions are available. Many of these qualify for priority registration. Get involved and make a difference!

Click on the position you are interested in, complete the application, and turn it into the Student Government Center or Student Services.

ASRCCD Budget Requisition

Use this form to access your ASRCC line items. Refer to the ASRCC Budget Book to access your look up your line item. DO NOT USE THIS FORM IF YOU ARE ACCESSING FUNDS FROM YOUR TRUST ACCOUNT.

ASRCCD Requisition for Trust Accounts

Use this form to access your Trust account. Contact if you do not know your Trust Account #.


ASRCCD Transfer Requisition

Use this form if you would like to transfer account funds.

ASRCCD Trust Card 

Fill out this form to establish a trust account at RCC Auxiliary Business Services. Signatures needed: Club Treasurer; Advisor; bring to the Student Services office, second floor of the Kane building, for signature and it will then be sent to Aux Business Services.

Catering Menu

This guide is intended to plan a menu. The food services staff will be happy to customize menus to fit your needs and budget. They are here to assist in making your event a success!


PDF Club Packet – Fillable

Constitution Template-Word ​

Excel Roster.xlsx



Due every Fall Semester.  The packet includes Agreement to Sponsor, Application for New Club, Membership Roster Sheet and Club Constitution/Bylaw template. Submit BOTH the packet and the Excel Roster. The Excel roster must be submitted electronically to

To recharter in the Spring, if no changes have been made to the constitution, only the Excel roster and agreement to sponsor is needed. Email Deborah Hall for the template.

ASRCC Constitution


This is the ASRCC Constitution which is the governing document for the organization.

DMV Clearance

Signing and submitting this form releases your driving record to the RCCD insurance office.

DMV Request to Drive District Vehicles

This form is used if you are planning on driving a district vehicle. You must be 21 with a good driving record to be approved.

Email Blast Request Form  This form can be used to aid clubs in creating and sending an e-mail blast to notify students and faculty of upcoming events. This form should be filled out and sent to for approval and submission.

Extracurricular and Honors Record Form

Looking to transfer and you have completed a Special Program, Community Service Hours or affiliated with ASRCC/Clubs? Make sure you fill out this form so the vital information can be placed on your transcripts.

Fillable Field Trip Packet

The necessary forms you will need to fill out are in the field trip packet.


  • Please refer to the link below for policies and procedures for field trips.


Board Policy on Field Trips.pdfBoard Policy on Field Trips

Nondiscrimination and Prohibition of Harassment and Retaliation form must be given to each attendee on field trip



Food Service Form

Fill out this form anytime you will be serving, giving away, or bringing any food from outside the college. Keep in mind items must be "individually packaged". See the Food Services office for more information.

Fundraising Form

Use this form if you are having a fundraiser. Simply fill out the top portion and obtain the necessary signatures. Turn in a copy to Auxiliary Business Services (ABS). At the completion of the Fundraiser fill out the bottom of the form and submit to ABS along with the funds generated from the fundraiser.

Hold Harmless Agreement & Insurance Requirements

Hold Harmless Agreement & Insurance Requirements addendum to request use of college facilities

Photo Release

This form is REQUIRED for securing permission to use an individual's likeness with or without identification from Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques.

Private Vehicle Form

Use this form if you want to drive your own personal vehicle for a field trip or event. Please note there are insurance and driving record requirements

Raffle/Opportunity Drawing Information and Forms

If you or your club is planning on holding ANY type of drawing make sure to review and sign these forms.

Student Activities Event Approval Form

This form needs to be filled out for any event held by a club or organization on campus.

This form is REQUIRED for any activity planned for your club or organization. You must also do a 25Live request and attach a copy to this form.

DO NOT use this form for off-campus events.

DO NOT use this form for weekly club meetings.

Student Discount Flier

Discount flier for on and off campus deals plus tickets at Southern California's largest amusement parks.