Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch

Judicial Branch - Supreme Court

The judicial powers of the Association shall be vested in the City College Supreme Court.
There shall be five (5) Justices, each having one (1) vote on all matters before the Court.  Associate Justices shall perform judicial functions, but shall not otherwise be considered members of the Judicial Branch.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 4.35.53 PM.pngOnline Documents

Supreme Court is currently using Google Drive to store electronic documents so they are organized and students have the capability to view any documents such as meeting agendas, minutes, and our organizational bylaws. These files appear in the folder named Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. Spring 2014 is reserved for future documents. 

Click here to view Supreme Court's documents​.


  1. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 from the prior semester’s work before appointment.
  2. Must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA during their term of office.
  3. Must be enrolled and maintain at least six (6) units during their term of office.
  4. Must have complied with all appointment procedures.

Term of Office

Justices shall be appointed to a two (2) semester term, but such terms shall not exceed the six (6) semester limit of total Student Government participation.  Associate Justices shall be appointed to single-semester terms.

Duties and Powers

The Supreme Court shall:
  1. Decide, by majority vote, all impeachment trials of Senators and Cabinet officers and shall issue its opinion within fifteen (15) days of receiving the articles of impeachment, or the impeached officer shall be exonerated;
  2. Impeach Justices and Associate Justices, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote;
  3. Hear all grievance matters, interpreting the ASRCCD Constitution and Bylaws, and reviewing the legality of any Student Government action, upon receiving a grievance form from an Association member;
  4. Administer all City College elections;
  5.  Hold at least three (3) open forums each semester, to encourage Student Body debate about issues and awareness of candidates for Student Government offices and their positions, and to bring student concerns and complaints to light, and shall submit their findings to the Senate, in writing, within five (5) days after each forum;
  6. Assign Justices to accompany any requesting Association member to informal grievance hearings beyond the Association’s jurisdiction.

The officers of the City College Court shall include a Chief Justice, a Chief Justice Pro Tempore, and such others as the Court shall authorize.  No one shall hold more than one Court office simultaneously.  The Chief Justice and the Chief Pro Tem shall be elected by the Court from among the Justices, with Presidential and Senate approval.

  1. Supreme Court - Chief Justice

  2. Supreme Court - Chief Justice Pro Tempore

The Chief Justice Pro Tempore shall serve as the assistant to the Chief Justice and, in case of his or her absence, shall assume all duties, rights, and privileges of the Chief Justice.  He or she shall preside over any impeachment trial of the Chief Justice.

Supreme Court Officers


Argie Hill - Supreme Court Chief Justice

 My name is Argie “A.J.” Hill and I will be your Supreme Court Chief Justice for the 2014-2015 academic school year. As Supreme Court Chief Justice, my goal is to ensure balance within the Associated Students of Riverside City College (ASRCC) by promoting political efficacy, providing organizational management, and ensuring due process within the Government. As a part of the Supreme Court, it is my honor, and privilege, to highlight important topics that affect student life on campus. I intend to make student elections and the provision of incentives for students to learn and participate in the political process a focal point during our school year. I encourage all students at Riverside City College (RCC) to participate on campus and advocate for the rights and opportunities granted to them.



Sammie Ayoub - Justice

 As a Supreme Court Justice, my duties are to abide by the Constitution of the ASRCC as well as remain unbiased and impartial to all hearings for the sake of maintaining order, which all students must abide by. As a Justice, I am open to hearing the opinions of others because I am a firm believer in freedom of speech and being open minded towards all points of view. I am happy to help all students at RCC and am grateful that the ASRCC allow me to serve them as a Justice through the political process of ASRCC.



Tandy Dang - Justice

 As a student at RCC, I have come to know many of the struggles of college life. Although a junior college, RCC students also have unmet needs, and it has become my goal to assist in improving the quality of life for as many of our students as I can. Working together with other motivated individuals inspires me to do things I never thought I had ever been capable of, and it truly warms my heart knowing that there are others who also care about the college and its people. There is a lot of work to be done, but by working together with other students, staff, faculty, and administrators, so much has already been made possible.



Thomas Lee - Justice

 Thomas Lee is a first year student at RCC, studying towards transferring to a University of California (UC) college. Likewise, Thomas is an assistant coach for King High School's Mock Trial team and is part of the Community for Academic Progress (CAP) Program at RCC.



Joshua Morgan

Hello Tigers! Many blessings on your steps down the academic path. I hope to be able to meet many of you in serving as your Supreme Court Justice for the 2014-2015 Academic School Year. I am a former biology student who now seeks to receive a degree in Math and Science, with the possibility of transferring into Physics. "Learn to teach," this is my slogan for 2015. This is my first year at RCC and I am very excited to engage in studying and debating in Riverside. The next two years may pass quickly or with struggle, either way, let us face the semesters together in scholarship.

Austin Harebottle

 My name is Austin Harebottle and I will be a Supreme Court Justice for Spring 2015 Semester. My major is sociology and am employed at the Center for Communications Excellence. My goal is to learn as much as I can about the Associated Students of Riverside City College. I want to become well informed of student issues and make fair and objective judgments regarding them. I plan on using my position in student government to help ensure the safety of students around campus and to make campus a fun place to be.​