If you like to plan ANY activity and you just want to have a good time...

If you want to plan and become involved in Multi-Cultural activities and education here on campus…

If you want to handle and allocate over $600,000.00 in funds, pass legislation, and  become involved in a more political branch of Student Government...

If you are looking into the legal system as a future career and you would like to be involved in the elections and constitutions here on campus.

If you are a club member and you want to represent your club and advertise club activities...see which Branch of government fits YOU best!


Doug Figueroa, ASRCC President

Welcome to the 2013/2014 school year! As your Student Body President, I am thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant and diverse student population. I commit myself to representing 100 percent of the students here on campus to the best of my ability as I am focused on the issues that are important to us as students.

There are five pillars of student success that we will focus on this year: Sustainability, Student Engagement, Student Well-Being, Student Advocacy and Shared Governance. I feel these are the pillars that will ensure a successful and great year.

So as your president, and a fellow student, I want to challenge you to take notice all of the diversity and talent among the students as well as the highly trained and educated staff, administration, and faculty here at RCC. I want to thank you for choosing RCC as the stepping-stone for your career or to transfer to a 4-year institution. You have made the right choice so take advantage of all of the opportunities that are offered at Riverside City College.


Miguel Bagsit, ASRCC Vice President

My name is Miguel Bagsit and I am your Student Body Vice President for the 2013/2014 school year. Serving my second term, I fight for student representation and student engagement on campus. There will be challenges and obstacles anew this year, but it is one of my responsibilities to ensure that students have a seat at those meetings where pivotal decisions are being made that could affect my fellow peers. One of my passions is student activism, and it is my ultimate goal to increase student engagement and awareness on the Riverside Campus. I want to help integrate students into the college culture, so that they can leave RCC with memories and knowledge they never thought they would experience at a community college. I am currently a business management major, with hopes of having my own event planning business, and I will be transferring this upcoming Fall 2014! Join me and get involved in becoming a leader here on our campus!


Media & Design

Kendall McCardle.JPGKendall McCardle, Media & Design Director

The purpose of Media & Design is to promote ASRCC and all related events to the Riverside City College student body. This can include designing on many various media platforms. In Media & Design you will not only get hands on experience, but also you will take part as a major piece of the hub within the implementation of events designed by the ASRCC Executive Board, Senate Outreach, and Student Activities to the entire campus. If marketing, business, journalism, design, art, animation, video, or any form of media and its implementation is one of your strengths, then please join this team and make a difference on your campus wide promotions.​


Interclub Council

The purpose ICC is to foster communication between clubs, to promote cooperation and organization between the clubs, to promote joint participation in each other’s activities and to provide support for clubs in respect to any financial assistance or grievances when presenting such matters to the Riverside Associated Student Body Senate.  The ICC meets on Mondays at 11:15 in the Heritage Room (Digital Library 121 for the month of September).


Marissa Marquez, ICC Director

I am excited to take on the role of ICC director or this school year. Being a part of executive cabinet and working with clubs/organizations I would like to help facilitate collaboration and communication between ASRCC and all of the many wonderful groups we have on campus. Together we can make a positive impact on the college experience. I would like to major in psychology and pursue a career that encompasses that as well as working with children.

Ray Orozco, ICC Co-Director 

ICC is the place where every club can voice their opinion. As a former ICC representative I know how difficult this can be. That is why my goal as the ICC Co-Director is to foster communication between ALL clubs on campus. 
Balancing the responsibilities of being a student and those associated with being a part of the Executive branch can be a difficult task. But with the help of the Executive board and all of the members of the student government I KNOW that this year will be one to remember.

My office hours are:
Mon 9-10 & Thurs 9-11


Board of Commissioners (BOC)

Board of Comissioners (BOC) is a group that focuses on the events that are done by ASRCC. We want to do fun and educational events for all of the students on campus. We will be doing some interactive activities throughout the year so it would be great if you (the students) would like to participate. I am extremely excited for this upcoming year and hoping that all of you will joins us on our events for this year! A little about me; this will be my second year in RCC, my major is Law, and I enjoy dancing and playing tennis. I am also very friendly and love to smile, so my advice to you is let go of the anger and learn from those situations. After all, these are our college years and they need to be productive along with fun. This is why I will do my best to make all of our events as fun and educational as possible. If you would like to be a part of the BOC team please feel free to join us at our meetings.

Laura Tapia,BOC Director

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