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Executive Branch

If you like to plan ANY activity and you just want to have a good time...

If you want to plan and become involved in Multi-Cultural activities and education here on campus…

If you want to handle and allocate over $600,000.00 in funds, pass legislation, and become involved in a more political branch of Student Government...

If you are looking into the legal system as a future career and you would like to be involved in the elections and constitutions here on campus...

If you are a club member and you want to represent your club and advertise club activities...see which Branch of government fits YOU best!


Ryan Rudolph, ASRCCD Student Trustee

My name is Ryan Rudolph and I am currently serving as your ASRCC student body Vice-President for the 2014-2015 academic year. Although ASRCC has a vast array of challenges and goals to accomplish for the upcoming year, I plan to give the students of RCC the proper representation they voted for by making sure the students voice is heard during shared governance meetings. My goal for the academic year during my time serving as your Vice-President would be convey to the student body about the resources we offer to make your time here at RCC more productive and enjoyable. Currently I am studying Psychology and Communications to eventually become a Speech Pathologist. I hope you all enjoy the upcoming year as much as I will!​​


Nigel Item, ASRCC President 

As your student body president I would like to welcome all of you to Riverside City College, home of the Tigers. Riverside City College is home to a wide diversity of students, whether it be race, age, income, background, etc. Such diversity on our campus makes Riverside City College such a great campus to study in and to pursue your interest. I encourage you all to explore Riverside City College, I promise you that no matter what your interest are you will find a place here on our campus. By entering as a student here at Riverside City College you are positioned for success, so utilize the resources here on campus, resources such as tutoring, financial aid, counseling, and many more to aid you in your journey. As your student body president I invite you to be involve in our campus community, join clubs, join organizations, join a sport team, or join me in serving students by being a part of our student governement. I am excited to be serving as your student body president for the 2015-2016 academic school year. I wish you all a wonderful year and much success.​

     Lynn Smith, ASRCC Vice-President 


      Biridiana Aguilar, Executive Secretary

        I have been a​n active member of ASRCC since fall of 2013. Although being         a Board of Commissione​r was a wonderful experience, I knew that it was             time to do increase my involvement on campus and represent the voice of           many students who are afraid to speak up. As a new senator, I hope to                 strengthen myself, find ways to communicate with the students, and make           this campus one worth attending.​

Luis Sosa, Executive Treasurer

 I am a former Senator of Riverside City College and am thrilled to have been appointed this year's Executive Treasurer. I will bring trust and transparency to this position. The budget is of the utmost importance and its maintenance will be my top priority for athletics, clubs, organizations, and ASRCC. In addition to students government and being a full time student, I am a member of the Riverside City College Track and Field team and will be competing this upcoming Spring. I work a part time retail job as a Hardware sales associate at The Home Depot in South Corona for the past 2 years. In my free time, I enjoy Weightlifting and spending time with friends and family. 


Public Relations

The purpose of Public Relations is to promote ASRCC and all related events to the Riverside City College student body. This can include  designing on many various media platforms. In Media & Design you will not only get hands on experience, but also you will take part as a major piece of the hub within the implementation of events designed by the ASRCC Executive Board, Senate Outreach, and Student Activities to the entire campus. If marketing, business, journalism, design, art, animation, video, or any form of media and its implementation is one of your strengths, then please join this team and make a difference on your campus wide promotions.​ 



Mayra Castorena, Public Relations Director

Hello my Name is Mayra Castorena. I'm a psychology and communications major at Riverside City College. Currently I am serving in the executive branch as a Public Relations member for the 2015-2016 administration. Public Relations has always been a calling to me because it takes a diverse person who is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and easily approachable to fill the position. I as a person feel like I have the qualities necessary which are best suited for this position. With that I look forward to serving as a public relations member for the following year.

Inter-Club Council


The purpose ICC is to foster communication between clubs, to promote cooperation and organization between the clubs, to promote joint participation in each other’s activities and to provide support for clubs in respect to any financial assistance or grievances when presenting such matters to the Riverside Associated Student Body Senate. The ICC meets on Mondays at 11:15 in the Heritage Room (Digital Library 121 for the month of September).

 hadeel.JPGICC Director, Hadeel Al-Fayiz

   Hello, my name is Hadeel Al-Fayiz and I am honored to be your          ICC director for the 2015-2016 academic school year. As a BOC        and Senate veteran, I have grown in tremendous ways and hope to    continue down this path. Within this position, I hope to strengthen      the bond between ASRCC and our clubs on campus. By allowing                                               our events on campus to be more major orientated, we as a                                                         leadership aspire to enhance the student body experience, while                                                 simultaneously insuring that each participant leaves with something                                             useful. I thank you for trusting me with this position, and look                                                       forward to an amazing year! ​

ICC Liaison, Rene Amaya

Hello my name is Rene Amaya, this is my first year in ASRCC and I am very excited to prove myself as the newly appointed ICC Liaison. I will work hard to unite the various clubs on campus by providing the proper information needed to the club officials. I will supervise a certain amount of clubs and do my best to deal with the issues and questions that may arise. Although this is my first year in student government I am the active president for Active Minds, a club on campus that promotes mental health. As the current president of Active minds, I believe that my leadership skills will allow me to bring much needed unification to all clubs. By uniting the clubs on campus, the clubs are able to use each other’s resources, events, and skills to reach their full potential. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to display my skills and solidify the newly created position of ICC Liaison.​ 

Campus Activities Council (CAC)

CAC Recruit flyer 1.png

The Campus Activities Council (CAC) is a group that focuses on the events that are done by ASRCC. We want to do fun and educational events for all of the students on campus. We will be doing some interactive activities throughout the year so it would be great if you (the students) would like to participate. I am extremely excited for this upcoming year and hoping that all of you will joins us on our events for this year! A little about me; this will be my second year in RCC, my major is Law, and I enjoy dancing and playing tennis. I am also very friendly and love to smile, so my advice to you is let go of the anger and learn from those situations. After all, these are our college years and they need to be productive along with fun. This is why I will do my best to make all of our events as fun and educational as possible. If you would like to be a part of the CAC team please feel free to join us at our meetings.

Kaitlyn Glen, CAC Director

     Dear fellow Riverside City College Tigers, after serving one whole year as a campus activities member, I Kaitlin Glenn, am humbly proud to serve as the new Director of the RCC Campus Activities Council. In high school, I managed to branch out of my comfort zone in efforts of reaching higher levels of leadership and communication skill, to which I now fulfills. In high school, I also had the pleasure of expanding my horizon of diversity of cultures and special interest by joining different clubs, such as science, the black student union, break dancing club, and a Christian club known as Young Life. I also joined different sports teams that we're nowhere in my comfort zone, like water polo In 2013 I founded a club in high school with my best friend called “Sisterhood of Excellence”, which the objective is to encourage its members by supporting their extra-curricular activities, academics, mentoring, and community service. I wanted young ladies who lacked moral support because of whatever reason (s) to know that they had someone who was willing to be a “sister”, who would be there to build them up and encourage them. As for the future, I hope to continue college majoring in bio-chemistry, achieve a letter of science, and become an anesthesiologist. I also want to continue further expand and establish the sisterhood of excellence into my life as an adult, so that I can help students achieve all of their goals as well.  This past year that I have been involved in the Associated Students of Riverside City College (ASRCC), I have learned and unlocked new things within my environment at RCC and within myself. Since the beginning of this last year I have been strongly dedicated to this not only this branch, but to two others as well- those being the outreach branch, and media and design. Within all three branches I have learned what being in ASRCC is truly about and what our goal is. We aim to promote an environment around the school where students feel safe, proud, and happy to be attending RCC.

     As the director, my focus would be to help students explore their interests in life through opportunities that promote interests in academics, culture, sports, and recreation. I am eager to be working with the students of RCC on and off campus, so that I can appeal to what they want to see happen and what I as the director of Campus Activities can do. While doing so, I will be working as a catalyst in leadership, within each student’s lives- on both a personal level and professional level. I can guarantee that this coming school, I will be continuously striving for a year of providence for both student pride and development, as well as the development of interaction between ASRCC and our students. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Go Tigers!


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