SOC Club


Name: Dr. Tim Gutierrez


Office: QD 210A

Phone number: (951) 222-8720

Name: Dr. Jami Brown


Office: QD 23E

Phone number: (951) 222-8398



Name: Lacey Wood 




The “SOC” in SOC Club stands for Students Orchestrating Change. We are a group of students committed to using sociological techniques to enact social change in our community on campus. We tackle social issues and work to create positive outcomes by connecting students with resources, making practical changes at RCC that help students thrive, and organizing events that help shed light on important social problems. We also strive to help our club members get the information and support they need to have successful educational careers by putting them in touch with professors, going on campus tours, and learning about different majors and University specialties under the sociology umbrella.

General Information

Club meetings are held every Thursday from 12:50PM -1:50PM in QD 127