​​​The purpose of this website and the following pages is to make available, previous agendas, meeting minutes per committee. 

 2016 Council, Committee, and Workgroup Calendar

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  EPOC Meeting
  Financial Resources Workgroup
  Enrollment Management
  Transfer Pathways Workgroup
  Program Review Committee
  College Readiness Workgroup
  Physical Sciences Dept. Meeting
  Academic Senate
  Human Resources Advisory Group
  Honors Advisory Council
  Faculty Development
  District Curriculum and Technical Review
  District Curriculum and Technical Review
  Program Review Committee
  DLC Meeting
  Technology Resource Workgroup
  Student Equity Meeting
  Riverside Assessment Committee
  Assessment Committee
  Business and Information Systems
  Com Studies Meeting
  Music Department Meeting
  Math Department Meeting
  2016 Curriculum Committee
  RCC Curriculum Committee
  Strategic Planning Leadership Council Meetings
  Faculty Development Committee
  Distance Education Committee Meeting

Educational Planning and Oversight Committee​ (EPOC)

Educational Planning Oversight Committee (EPOC) oversees and directs the general work of the councils, monitors institutional progress toward achieving college goals, and provides recommendations to the college president.  It also serves as the Accreditation Steering Committee.​​ (click the link above to go directly to the page.)

Meets the first thursday of the month, during college hour.

Student Access and Support (SAS) Leadership Council Documents 2016​

    • SSEC​ - Student Success and Equity - Meets 10-12, 2nd  and 4th Friday (Kristi Woods, chair)
    • Triple SSSP - Meets Thursdays 9-10 (Alison Douglas-Chicoye, chair)

      Meets the third thursday of the month, during college hour.

Academic and Career Technical Programs and Instructional Support (ACTPIS) Leadership Council - Documents 2016

REVISED - Draft ACTPIS 10.20.16 Agenda.docxREVISED - Draft ACTPIS 10.20.16 Agenda.docx

    • EMC - Enrollment Management Meets 1rst Friday, 8:30-10 (Kathleen Sell, chair)
    • EMPC - Education Master Plan
    • Transfer Pathways - Meets 3rd Friday 11-12 (Thatcher Carter, Chair)
    • College Readiness - Meets 1rst Friday 1-2:30 (Jason Spangler, Chair)
    • CTE Pathways
    • Distance Education (shared with RDAS) - Meets 3rd Friday 10-11:30 (Charlie Richards, Chair)
    • Faculty Development (shared with RDAS) - Meets 1st Tuesday 2-3:30pm (Laura Greathouse, chair)
    • DLC - Departmental Leadership

​Meets the third thursday of the month, during college hour, loaction is AD 122.

Resource Development and Administrative Services (RDAS) Leadership Council Documents​ 2016​

    • PRC - Physical Resources
    • FRC - Financial Resources
    • Facilities Resources - Meets 3rd Tuesday College hour (Scott Blair, Chair)
    • TRC - Technology Resources​ - Meets 2nd Thursday, college hour (Amber Casolari, chair)
    • HRC - Human Resources - Meets 1rst Tues college hour
​​​Meets the third thursday of the month, during college hour.

Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Leadership Council Documents 2016

    • PrRC - Program Review - Meets first Friday 10-11 (Ginger White, chair)
    • AC - Assessment Committee - Meets 2nd Friday 12-2 (Marc Sanchez, Hayley Ashby chairs)
    • MMC - Methods and Metrics
​​​​Meets the third thursday of the month, during college hour, in the Digital Library (DL) room 409.


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