The Community for Academic Progress (CAP) Program is an exciting program designed to allow students to enroll in grouped or paired courses that share common themes, activities, and assignments. Since the courses are linked, students take these classes concurrently (during the same semester), allowing faculty and students to work and learn together. Whether you are transitioning from high school or are a continuing college student, CAP might have a learning community for you! While college may seem overwhelming, CAP addresses your needs in an environment of caring faculty, staff, and administrators. In addition to learning communities, CAP offers math courses that are only open to CAP students, which means everyone in a math CAP class is 
part of the CAP program.
The CAP Program Offers:
  • An academic program that combines courses in one convenient schedule.
  • "Priority" registration so that registering for college is not difficult.
  • A personal orientation to introduce you to the program and to the college.
  • Counselors who assist with your Student Educational Plan (SEP) and provide personal counseling and career development.
  • Access to technology both in and out of the classroom.
  • Coordinated sessions with Supplemental Instructional (SI) Leaders who will provide study sessions and demonstrate effective learning and study strategies*.
  • Field trip opportunities to CSUs, UCs, and private universities that give glimpses of university life.Next Steps for Fall 2014:
  1. If you have not completed an RCCD application, please complete it online
  2. If you have not taken the English, Reading and Math placement tests, please call the Assessment Center at 951-222-8451 for available testing hours
  3. If you have not completed the RCCD Orientation, please log on to WebAdvisor and complete the online orientation. You must also submit your One-Semester Educational Plan via WebAdvisor
WARNING:  In order to submit the application, you are required to have completed the RCC Assessment Test, Orientation (available on WebAdvisor) and One Semester Educational Plan (Available on WebAdvisor).  We will only contact students by the phone number and email address that is on your WebAdvisor “Personal Profile”.  We STRONGLY recommend that you check this information BEFORE you submit your CAP Program application.  Failure to complete the above requirements may result in your ineligibility for the CAP Program!

Steps to Apply: Fall 2014
The CAP Program Application will begin June 2nd at 6:00am and will end June 13th at 11:59pm
1. Log into WebAdvisor and choose “CAP Program Application Form” on the student menu under “Registration”
2. Select “Riverside City College” from the drop down box and click submit
3.Select the English learning community you are applying for and click submit (Note: It is in your best interest to print the CAP Schedule to reference the name of the learning community you are applying for)
4. Print your confirmation page
5. If you are applying after June 13th, please come into the CAP office located in MLK office 213,                          call (951) 328-3820, or email us at
*Due to the high volume of calls during recruitment, we recommend you come in person to apply.

Note: CAP Staff will start checking availability of students who applied in the order applications were received. Students who are accepted into the program will receive an email within 2 weeks of applying. 
IMPORTANT:  Please review the CAP schedule in advance to determine which learning community you would like to be placed into. This will be based on your English placement and eligibility for courses in the community.