Jump Start Program
What is Jump Start and how long is it ?

Jump Start helps you review basic skills and gives you the chance to place into higher-level classes, getting you more quickly on the road to academic success. This three-week program offers a fast-paced review of basic skills in mathematics and gives you an exclusive chance to earn equivalency for up to two years of developmental level classes. Think of the time and money you could save! Many students arrive at RCC to discover they must take several semesters of developmental education courses prior to enrolling in college-level classes; often, this is due solely to poor performance on the placements exams.

Who is eligible for Jump Start?

Students who placed in Math-65 and Math-52 are eligible for Jump Start.

What are the benefits of Jump Start?

Free access to textbooks and computers                                 

Convenient, fast-paced curriculum

Dedicated faculty                                                                             

Success Strategy Workshops

Supplemental Instruction (SI)                            

 And most of all, a chance to place yourself in higher classes and save time and money as you pursue your college degree.

How do I get enrolled in Jump Start?

·         Complete an RCC Winter 2015 application.

·         Take the RCC Math placement test.

·         Complete the online orientation and one-semester educational plan via WebAdvisor.


Once you have completed all of the above steps, please send an email to JumpStart@rcc.edu and include your name, student ID# and a phone number that you can be reached at.